Fall Pops in the Snoqualmie Valley

Did you know there are amazing places to enjoy fall in our very own Snoqualmie Valley? From fall colors, to pumpkin patches, corn mazes, amazing scenery, and more, Fall is a perfect time to enjoy all the Snoqualmie Valley area has to offer!

Jubilee Farm

Some of the scenes in this video are from our favorite place to shop for pumpkins (but certainly not the only place!) Jubilee Farms! This family farm has been going strong since 1989 and they continue to add value to their community. People come from all over the Seattle area to pick pumpkins each year!  When you arrive at Jubilee you immediately feel cozy as the live music beckons you to the farm!  Warm up with some freshly pressed hot apple cider and get ready to ride the wagons to the pumpkin patch.  Tractors or horses pull full wagons through the fields to the patch.  Jubilee Farm has their system down as a wagon arrives consistently to take you back to the festivities.

There are pony rides as well provided by Fall City Pony’s.  Food trucks, coffee, corn on the cob, its all here, to allow you to enjoy your time on the farm.

Sights to See:

Some of the other scenes are from:

-Remlinger Farms driveway and their horse pasture:  The crows were on call and I was glad they performed on schedule.  Not guaranteed every visit though.  Remlinger is another awesome place to take the kids to enjoy our area.  Remlinger has a much bigger production and stay tuned for an episode from there.  You can find more info about Remlinger Farms here!

-Golden Hour from HWY 202 in Fall City: This was right off the road at the roundabout for HWY 202 and and HWY 203.  There is a great peak view of Mount Si and the local field is beautiful any time of year.

-Sunrise from Harman Heights in North Bend: Harman Heights is a nice pocket neighborhood of North Bend and from the hillside the homes up here get excellent views with full sunrises and sunset shows on the mountain peaks.  That morning we filmed the fog was just clearing off after the sun came up.

-Downtown Historic Snoqualmie: Historic Snoqualmie is a gem of a town and I love the feel and atmosphere of each street.  From above you can see the colors pop along each street and the Snoqualmie Depot Train Station where I have heard Santa might be coming to town.

-Golden Hour from Three Forks Dog Park in Snoqualmie:  Some of my favorite photos and videos are from this area.  The slough is an active and vibrant place for wildlife, mostly local and migratory birds, some toads and more.  The Dog Park itself has tremendous views as well and is frequently busy.

-JR Wildcat Football Practice at Centennial Fields, Snoqualmie: Fall and football season go hand in hand. Of course there are more sports than just football in our area, but I just happen to catch golden hour over the practice fields.

-Golden Hour over Meadowbrook and Elk Herd, Snoqualmie: The Elk Herd in the Snoqualmie Valley is incredible to witness.  Throughout the year you can see them in around our area, peoples yards, and of course golf courses. But I think by far the best place to view them is in the Meadowbrook Prairie.  Early morning or pre-dusk is best times to see them and in the fall is rutting season so the herd is very active.  Please remember thought that they are wild animals and they need their space.

-Very far away from Snoqualmie Falls: These shots were over 2 miles away from the Falls and you really get a sense of the massive scale that the drop is.   The river is always running!

Find Your Traditions!

There are so many opportunities for Fall traditions in the Snoqualmie Valley area.

Follow along to learn more, or ask for our “Tour the Valley” trip and lets find a home that fits your lifestyle today!

Where are your favorite places to enjoy Fall in the Snoqualmie Valley? Pictures below used with permission from Don Detrick and Janet Grisswold