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There’s only ONE.

Snoqualmie Valley

Relationships First

Serving others is a passion of ours and we feel fortunate to help people every day.  We pride ourselves on guiding our clients through the process of buying and selling real estate with integrity and respect for each client’s unique requirements.


We aspire to:

Inspire people to discover their dreams

Preserve our community and historic area

Inform others with exceptional value-added knowledge

President, Real Estate Broker

Brian Davis

Brian brings a varied level of experiences and careers that serve him and his clients every day.  After serving in the Navy, working as an Asset Manager for high performing commercial real estate firms, teaching, and coaching, Brian has found his passion and motivation serving clients in real estate sales.  The deep lessons he learned through each of those stops along his journey prove invaluable when working with clients.

Brian has lived in the Puget Sound for most of his life.  However, he was fortunate to live and spend time on the east coast, the south, and New England areas of the United States. What he realized at each one of those stops is that the Puget Sound area is very special, but one area stood out even more; the Snoqualmie Valley.

Since moving to the Snoqualmie Valley in 2010 Brian and his family have immersed themselves in the community and lifestyle available.  Brian and his wife Nikki cherish the Snoqualmie Valley and are eager to share this love with others and most importantly their son Daxton.  


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Bar Number: 44877
Admittance: 4/22/2023


Receives our full passion and energy.  Our varied and successful experience in real estate and beyond brings a wealth of knowledge and scenarios to draw on.

We are relentless when it comes to protecting our clients’ interests daily. Each listing we take on includes…

  • Professional photography, videography, drone shots as needed
  • Staging as needed
  • Website syndication
  • Open houses that average over 50 visitors in 2 days
  • Personal and direct follow up with every showing
  • Title and Escrow teams that deliver
  • Team support-dual listing agent, contractors on standby
  • and more…

We make dreams come true.

Selling a Home

Selling a house or property is one of the most significant decisions our clients can make. Whether it is to downsize, upsize, relocate, or move on from a home of significance, each sale presents a unique experience and impact on our clients. We take this responsibility on with a level of care and excellence that best serves our clients needs to sell their home quickly and exceptionally.

To prepare, market, and sell a home requires working as a team to produce the best product possible. We use contractors, stagers, videography, photography, and more to show the world why your home to sell should be the next one they buy. With leading edge and Snoqualmie Valley focused marketing strategies, content, and impact, we focus on the hyper-local market while showing the masses why this area is a special place to call home.

Because when you don’t love where you live, we want to help.

Buying a Home

Buying homes and property in the Snoqualmie Valley is as varied as our area. From neighborhoods, to waterfront, to valley views, to farms, to estate homes we have helped our clients find their place to come home happy.

When you work with the team at Snoqualmie Valley Real Estate you will see immediately the level of service, strategy, and experience that will provide you an edge as a buyer. Showing homes is easy. Finding you the right home for your lifestyle at the right price is what we specialize in. Let us help you come home happy in the Snoqualmie Valley.

There’s only ONE.

Snoqualmie Valley

Real Estate

We know The Valley.

Let us help you come home happy in the Snoqualmie Valley.

Core Values

Working with Snoqualmie Valley Real Estate means access to knowledge, expertise, and dedication. Our mission is simple: helping clients realize their dreams.

We just happen to sell homes.


Each client interaction is the lifeblood of our business and we honor each relationship by prioritizing their experience above all. We want to earn our clients trust and business for life.

Caring for our Snoqualmie Valley through our give back program helps contribute to the long term health of the communities and areas we love.


We strive to bring a positive and long term impact to everyone we work with.

The Snoqualmie Valley is an area of incredible uniqueness and we want to celebrate that by inspiring others to appreciate everything that it offers.


Each client deserves and receives our complete attention to maximize their experience with us. We are a team that focuses on delivering exceptional outcomes daily.

We focus on preserving the communities of the Snoqualmie Valley by informing and sharing our love for our area.


We operate from a mindset that is driven by passion, ingenuity, and integrity. We strive to distinguish ourselves every day through our work. Let us show you how.

There is only one Snoqualmie Valley and living here is special. We want to show others why.


Our team values habits that create a consistent experience for our clients. Let us show you what those are.
Mountains and a river; about as consistent as you can get.

Long after we are gone they will still be here, and they were here before us.

We just want to add a little piece of the story of the Snoqualmie Valley.

Anthony F. | May 2017

Snoqualmie Valley Real Estate

There's only ONE.